Recommended equipment to set up your dog for success

thAKT1S7QYWhy a harness?

4 cons against the collar:

Collapsed trachea

– Displaced neck vertebrae

– Decrease intraocular pressure

Increase of cortisol level in the brain

The answer is a harness. For better control and more efficient training the No Pull Freedom harness is a great alternative.

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Please watch this video to see how the Freedom Harness can help you and your dog.


So what about electric or chokes  collars?


Aversive training is dangerous for our dogs on many levels:

On a neurobiological view the association of pain and fear are VERY detrimental not only to your dog’s learning but also to his physical welfare. the misuse of the cruel device often leads to more aggression and anxiety as the dog is terrified and very stressed. The temptation and social pressure often give in to common sense, putting our furry companion’s welfare in danger.

Imagine if you received electric shocks every time you reacted to a frightful stimulus. Would this make you more obedient, or would you become insane?