The Myth about Dominance

dog_with_bookThis video will explain why  DOMINANCE is a myth. No, your pooch doesn’t want to take over your household. He just wants to belong. Please watch this wonderful video that will give you a true perspective on how your dog understands and benefits from a fluid hierarchy.

Tough Love: A Meditation on Dominance & Dogs 

Many trainers will talk to you about dominance, why because they have not kept with new scientific discoveries, they are misinformed and sadly some old school trainers do not know how to train your loyal companion without using force, pain and fear. As I mentioned before, dogs should be trained in the same manner as a sea lion or other animals, through positive association, following the principle of OPERANT CONDITIONING and the QUADRANT OF LEARNING THEORY.

People confuse their furry friend’s non performance for a rebellion on the dog’s part, when in fact the poor dog is trying to figure out how to understand human language.

On a human level, it would be like you going to a foreign country, without any knowledge of the language, traditions or rules?