Website & Organizations

  • Pet Drawing Artist – Have Nara-Lee Todd capture your pet’s personality in a custom painting.
  • The Animal Rescue Site Give a shelter dog food by one free Click.
  • Ted Kerasote is a fantastic author who wrote many books on dogs, and his approach to the nature of dogs is very refreshing.
  • Society the Promotion of Applied Research in Canine Science.
  •  Animal Care Trust USA – A not-for-profit organization dedicated to keeping loved pets in loving home 

Recommended authors:

  • Any books from Ian Dunbar, DVM
  • Any books from Karen Overall, DVM
  • The Dog’s mind by Bruce Fogle, DVM, MRCVS      
  • The Evolution of Canine Social Behavior by Roger Abrantes, Ph.D.
  • The other end of the leash,by  Patricia McConnell, Ph.D
  • For the Love of the Dog, Patricia, McConnell, Ph.D
  • Merle’s door, Ted Kerasote.
  • Canine Behavior, Barbara Handelman, M.Ed, CDBC
  • Dog Sense, John Bradshaw 
  • Sophia Yin, DVM books and video collection
  • “From the dog’s point of view”, Catherine Harvey, CPDT-KA, ACDBC
  • All My Children Wear Fur Coats – How to Leave a Legacy for Your Pet, Peggy Hoyt