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Private consultation for behavior solution

People often use anthropomorphism’s to describe their pet’s behavior. It is very normal as we think in human terms and not canine terms. An example is the famous: “My dog ate my shoes because he was mad at me, because I left him home alone”. Of course that is not true, but this is how , we Humans, rationalize canine behavior.

Fees starting 11/01/20: No contract

  • One single hour: $125.00

  • Two hour consultation + behavioral report/training protocol: $ 285.00

  • Three hour consultation + behavioral report/training protocol: $ 345.00

In the privacy of your home, our time together encompasses the following:

  • Complete report with educational videos and documentation corroborating the protocol and the training program 
    Unlimited text and videos follow up in order to monitor progress.
  • Complete evaluation of your dog behavior.
  • Appropriate Training program for and your dog, remember each dog is UNIQUE.
  • How to manage behavior and achieve success:
  • Situation management (space, social, stress)
  • Behavior modification demonstration
  • Medication (with the help of veterinarian) if needed
  • Targeting of the problem(s) and protocol to follow.

In general you will learn:  

– How and when should I redirect my dog when he is starting to display fear, reactivity, anxiety?

How to read your dog’s body language = What does my dog is feeling? = How is he going to act?

– How to establish a better relationship   

– How environment influences your dog’s behavior .  

What are the onset of the unwanted behavior.  

–  Learn to read your dog body language.  

–  How to redirect in case of a potential problem.  

–  Understand your dog body posture so that you can predict his emotions and behavior.

– How he sees the world around him.  

–  Bonding with your dog to better your relationship = successful and easier training.



Address my dog’s needs in order to lead a fulfilling life. (Breed specific)

Stop jumping on people.

– Potty outside.

Walk without pulling.

– Wait for you

– Come back to you off leash

– Leave object or drop object

– Be respectful of guest entering your home


Private training: $ 125.00 per hour:   

Once your dog understand well how to respond to what is expected, inside, it is time to see how well he’ll understand outside. This is why it is important to practice training in more challenging environments: This is skill is called :

Virtual session:

For the clients living outside my service area, I offer the possibilities to “meet” through Skype or Messenger in order to jump start management and appropriate training:

Remember as Pet dog parents there are a lot of things that YOU can do to help your dog. I’ll be there virtually to guide you

Fee: $ 95.00 per hour


Generalization and it is vital for your dog’s safety

 20150507_133652e 20150622_091353

                 Outside in nature, it is you and your dog!

Puppy Socialization:

The socialization period in a puppy’s life is paramount . According to the latest scientific studies, puppies should start to be socialized at the tender age of 4 weeks. This sensitive period will end around 16 weeks of age. This is the time when your puppy is going to meet the world, and your reaction toward his new discoveries are going to shape him for the rest of his life.

At this crucial time, you should take your puppy everywhere, in order for him to see and understand this new world enfolding before his eyes, nose, ears and paws. This is when fear can happen in an instant, and then trauma will take a lifetime to correct. Up to 16 weeks of age, we can assist you in introducing your pup to the following stimuli.

  • New sound.
  • Learn to swim.
  • Meet new objects: ladder, umbrellas, hats, sunglasses, water hoses, sprinklers, vacuum cleaners, brooms, new dogs , new people, new animals, ect..
  • Learn to walk without the constraint of his leash in a safe area. It’s the perfect time for him to understand that he needs to look at you for guidance.
  • Watch a truck, a motorcycle, kids on skateboard, an airplane in the sky.
  • Stroll down the plaza and walk into a store.
  • Finally learn how to recall your puppy when he is off leash: This is a life saving skill.

 Your time in helping him explore his new environment will go a long way in making him a well balanced dog.

Bella at 11 weeks old had never seen water before. After 5 minutes of sitting on the board, she was able to build a positive association with the water, thanks to the positive reinforcement of my praises and treats.